Introducing, Meaghan LaVigne

Meaghan is currently a student in her Masters of Occupational Therapy at McMaster University.  She holds a Bachelor in Child Health.  Meaghan is an amazing positive and firm presence with kids.  Her passion for helping kids as a career comes from her time as a summer camp counsellor for many summers!  Meaghan has also worked in paid positions as a Deaf/Blind intervenor with Sensity, and she has completed direct patient testing in an Opthalmology clinic. Meaghan’s serendipitous match with CATS St George as a student placement in Dec 2022 led us to get to know Meaghan. We are thrilled that she is offering Occupational Therapy Assistant sessions with us. wonderful restaurants and live music events offered in the city.

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Meaghan LaVigne

Meaghan LaVigne

CATS St. George

Occupational Therapy Assistant

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