About Us

At Collaborative Approach Therapy Services (CATS) we believe in working as a team, with parents as the captain. We offer the supports and services that YOU want to receive; including 1:1 regularly scheduled treatment or short term consultation in clinic, home or community. We can offer guidance to understand which services are the best options for your family.  We will take the time to understand your goals, needs, and barriers. We pride ourselves in being open, honest and flexible.

Just as your child is always changing and growing, your therapy program will change, grow and adapt with your collaboration.

Collaborative Approach Therapy Services offers a unique opportunity for independence and team collaboration. The ability to access other OTs in the field opens up a wealth of experience, resources, problem solving and mentorship. Therapists own and operate their own clinics, but belong to a supportive team of professionals, resulting in a balance of independence and team, supporting both the therapist and the clients.

Collaborative Approach was founded in 2018 by two Occupational Therapists, Alison Hendricks and Sue Wahl. With experience and passion for OT they set their focus on paediatrics and adult mental health. Their vision is to provide a space for therapists to feel supported which in turn provides better care to clients.

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