Adolescent Counselling

Who requires Adolescent Counselling?

In adolescence, our ‘occupations’ evolve from play and learning to responsibility and leadership. In adolescence, we start to expect individuals to demonstrate maturity in school and social situations. For adolescents, ‘executive function’ takes a much more prominent role in overall achievement.  Executive function is comprised of all the little skills that keep us motivated, organized, attentive, focussed and controlled.

Many adolescents struggle with executive functioning skills, this may be due to a diagnosed condition such as; a learning disability, ASD, ADHD, FASD, Anxiety, or undiagnosed with challenges noted at home and/or school.

What may treatment include? 

Adolescent counseling is dependent on the need of that individual, but may start with helping the adolescent understand how their sensory system works and how to manage their sensory profile.  We may explore how to navigate the adolescent’s social circle or how to participate within their social setting.  We may also explore the practicalities of organization and homework.  OT treatment could also involve anxiety management and cognitive-behaviour therapy.  It always involves collaborating with the adolescent to identify their goals and teach them to problem-solving and persevere to obtain those goals.   Adolescent counselling also sets up a lifelong comfort of sharing one’s inner reality, and acceptance of requesting and benefiting from help.

Why OT? 

Occupational Therapists have a unique perspective with adolescents due to our developmental knowledge of learning differences and brain function.  We understand what someone with attention concerns, sensory processing issues, black-and-white thinking, language delays,  or poor working memory each requires in their unique and individualized counseling process in order to be successful.   We can adapt our psychotherapy training to work for your teen based on our extensive background knowledge of brain development.

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