COVID-19  Protocol


COVID-19 Protocol

First off we want to say thank you to our amazing clients and community who have been flexible, resilient, and patient with us as we launched into telepractice for our first time. For many clients, this was a huge success and telepractice will continue to be the method of service delivery to many clients for the near future. As we look forward to the next steps in our clinic and society we ask for your continued flexibility, patience and resiliency, as we ensure that services are offered safely and effectively.

We have gotten the green light to reopen our clinics gradually.   While we are excited to see you all soon, our College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario has mandated that services that can be safely and effectively provided remotely, should be.

However, for some, an in-person session is essential for an effective session. For these clients, we are preparing to ensure our staff and clinic space are equipped and ready to provide you with OT services in-person soon.


The following is a list of steps that must be taken before, during, and after each in-person visit to Collaborative Approach Therapy Services.


Consent image

In-person services are being offered only to those in which the client, guardian and therapist agree that the potential benefits of an in-person session outweigh the risks of acquiring COVID-19. If this criteria fits, the client and/or guardian must read and sign the “Informed Consent for In-person Services During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis”. A link to this consent form will be emailed to you. It must be completed prior to participating in any in-person sessions.  


Prior to your appointment you will receive a link, by email, to a COVID-19 symptom screening questionnaire. We ask that you please complete this 24 hrs in advance and find alternative session plans if you screen positive. In addition, your therapist will perform a re-screen on arrival to your appointment. If client’s have a COVID-19 positive screening they will not be allowed to enter the clinic and an alternative method of service delivery will be discussed with your therapist.  


Upon arriving for your session we ask that you stay in your vehicle until just before your session. At your session time, please come on into the clinic and your therapist will meet you at the entrance or waiting room and screen a second time for COVID symptoms. Please do not arrive early to minimize your time and the number of people in the waiting room.


Medical grade masks will be worn by staff for all in-person session. Clients and guardians are also required to wear masks where tolerated. Clients and guardians are permitted to bring their own masks, medical grade or cloth. If a client is unable to tolerate a mask, the therapist will wear their own mask in addition to a face shield. Signs are posted within the clinic to support proper donning and doffing of masks. 

Hand Hygiene

Therapists will wash their hands with soap and water or use hand-sanitizer before and after each session, after touching their face, after using the washroom, before and after using PPE, after touching potentially contaminated surfaces and before touching clients or equipment. Clients and guardians will also be required to wash hands with soap and water or use hand-sanitizer before entering the clinic. Hand sanitizer will be kept within each treatment room for regular use by staff and clients. Clients and guardians are also encouraged to clean or sanitize their hands before leaving the clinic. 


Payments sent electronically by e-transfer are being strongly recommend at this time  Your therapist will ensure you have all the necessary information to pay for treatment.  To avoid paper contact, you will receive an electronic receipt via email. 


Between sessions your therapist will be disinfecting all known touch points and high contact points. Therapist will be disinfecting equipment, materials and tools used. It will be important that sessions end on time to ensure staff have enough time between clients to disinfect and allow the disinfectant to dry. As always we love to collaborate and consult with parents, if you have something you wish to discuss please let your therapist know in advance and they will ensure there is time to consult during session. Please remember that a clinical hour is 50 min at which time your session is complete. 

Thank you for collaborating with us and the community to keep everyone safe and healthy!

– Your CATS Crew

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