Autism Intervention

Who requires Autism Intervention?

We believe many children could benefit from this intervention if they are showing social delays.  If your child has a diagnosis of autism or you are unsure and you would like to work on their core skills of engagement, joint attention, symbolic play, and self-regulation, we can help.


What may treatment include? 

During sessions we will engage in open play time (child directed) as well as table-top task completion time (adult directed). This mix is adjusted to suit your child’s age and goals to create a just right challenge which encourages growth and skill development. 

During play, your OT will be working on joint attention and progressing play skills and engagement. Your child is engaged with toys and sensory equipment such as yoga balls, swings and crash mats. 

During work time, your OT will be working towards task accomplishment, following visual schedules, fine motor / visual motor skills and working at a table is based on a bin model.  

We value collaboration with your whole team, which may include SLP, ABA, teachers and of course parents. By communicating together we can ensure we reinforce all goals during our session including communication, ABA goals and academic or school independence goals.

Why OT? 

Occupational Therapists have set up spaces that work well for a range of children.  We have both open sensory spaces and small quiet rooms with minimal distraction. We understand your child’s sensory needs, and we are trained in a variety of approaches which support development for an autistic child.

Occupational Therapists at CATS value collaboration, which is incredibly helpful at this stage of development.  We can give and receive suggestions with your child’s SLP, ABA provider and school personnel to coordinate a cohesive approach across environments which can accelerate progress for your child.

Across our team, we have had training in:  


Floor time, 

Giggle games, 

Sensory Integration, 

Relationship Development Intervention


Applied Behaviour Analysis (instructor therapist level)

Start working with a CATS OT today to support your child’s tomorrow