Gross Motor

Who requires Gross Motor Support?

Your child may require support with gross motor skills if you or the teacher have noticed they seem less coordinated than their peers or have not reached certain gross motor milestones. This may be observed as having difficulty in gym class, poor balance when attempting to ride a bike, or they may avoid sports or recess games like skipping and 4 square. 

What may treatment include? 

Working with children with gross motor challenges we will start with an assessment and observation to help understand where the disconnect is. Whether it be proprioceptive awareness, processing speed and/or rhythm and timing, we can offer help. Treatment sessions are then developed to practice skills, build confidence and develop strategies for improving motor skills. 

Why OT? 

Occupational Therapists specialize in task analysis: breaking down a task into all the components. By doing this we are able to present and teach in a manner that allows the child to face one challenge at a time, and feel successful. We often call this a “Just Right Challenge”. With our OT perspective we are able to address gross motor skills while recognizing the needs of the whole child. Presenting and practicing in ways with decrease frustration, increase the challenge gradually and ultimately lead to a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

In addition to this OTs at CATS can administer the Movement Assessment Battery for Children (M-ABC). This is the gold- standard standardized motor test to determine if your child has a significant difference in motor skills compared to other children. The results can be used by your doctor or psychologist to determine if a motor coordination disorder is present. such as Developmental Coordination Disorder. 


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