CATS Guelph In Clinic Service Packages

CATS offers OT services in a package delivery model to promote a commitment to one another for optimal goal attainment, communication, and collaboration.

Package Service Model

Payment and Invoices

Package payments are made in full (or 2 instalments) at the start of your treatment block.

Services will be invoiced weekly so they can be submitted to your insurer if applicable.

Parent training can be invoiced if the parent participates in at least half of the session.

Payment can be made by credit card, cash, cheque, or e-transfer. Details for how and where these payments can be addressed will be provided at the first visit. Payment is due at the time of treatment.

The client or their guardian is responsible for all the costs associated with OT services regardless of insurance reimbursement.


When purchasing a “service package”, you and your OT will find a day and time slot that works for you. This day and time will be reserved for your services for 10-12 weeks (dependent on the package).

When purchasing the “schedule as you go” option, your OT will book up to 2 sessions at a time and session day and times will be based on availability.


When purchasing a “service package” we have committed to working together towards set goals. We will accommodate 1 changed appointment, if rescheduled within your 10 week block.

Any further missed sessions can be used as Parent Consult, Community Consult and/or home programming.

If purchasing the “schedule as you go option, there is a 24hr cancellation requirement. For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice there will be a 50% cancellation fee.

CATS Service Package FAQ

What are CATS Service Packages?

Service Packages allow us to commit to one another for optimal goal attainment, communication and collaboration. Parent and Community Consults are included in every package because of the crucially important role they play and the effect they have in the overall treatment process. Package services streamlines communication and clearly states our commitment and yours, to OT treatment services. We request that payment be paid in full (or in 2 installments) at the start of treatment.

What if I need to cancel an appointment? 

Because we have committed to working together towards the set goals, we want to ensure that sessions are consistent, as we know that is the most successfully proven factor for goal attainment. We also understand, however, that life happens and schedules need to change from time to time.

We can accommodate 1 changed appointment, if rescheduled within your treatment block.

Any further missed sessions can be used as Parent Consult, Community consult and/ or home programming opportunities.

How do I submit invoices to insurance?

Although payment will be made at the first packaged session, invoices will continue to be issued at the time of service delivery, making it easy to continue to submit invoices to your insurance provider. 

What if I need longer than 8 sessions?

Not a problem! Depending on the needs and goals established with your therapist you can choose to purchase a package renewal and continue with OT treatment, or “schedule as you go” at a slightly higher hourly rate.

Can I still claim Parent Training?

Yes, we can still create 2 invoices, one in the parent’s name and one in the child’s name.

What is a Parent Consult?

A Parent Consult is a 1:1 session where only the parents are involved and no child is  present. This is an opportunity to review challenges and observations that are not helpful for the child to hear, as well as create an opportunity for uninterrupted discussion 🙂 With these consultations taking place every 8-10 weeks it allows for open and honest communication, parent education and ensures we are all focused and aligned on the same goals. Parent consultations have the flexibility to take place in person, virtually or by phone. Parent consults are typically 40-50 min.

What is a Community Consult?

A Community Consult is a call or virtual connection with an external community member.   This may be a teacher, a speech therapist,  tutor, or anyone you suggest on your family’s “team” .  No community members on your team? Please speak with your  therapist about how else this time can be incorporated into your plan.

What if the packages offered don’t fit our needs?

CATS wants to work with you so please speak with your therapist and we will customize a package that meets everyone’s needs. As always we are dedicated to provide the best to our clients and ensure a commitment to achieving your goals and growth objectives.

What if my treatment block falls across a holiday?

If your treatment block falls across holidays and the clinic will be closed, or your therapist will be away, your treatment block can be adjusted accordingly.


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