Join The

Collaborative Approach Therapy Network

Do you want to work for yourself but not by yourself?

Looking for the freedom to make your rules without all the hustle of doing everything from scratch yourself?

Do you want to work in an environment that is rewarding, engaging and uses all your skills?

Do you already have a private practice but are interested in sharing your knowledge with a group of like-minded OTs to impact more kids across Canada?

Then consider joining the Collaborative Approach Therapy Network!  As a member of the Network you own your clinical practice but have support and share costs with the group on;

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Promotion
  • Software
  • Know-how 

Collaborative Approach Therapy Network provides 

  • Mentorship materials for training new clinical or admin team members
  • Materials
  • Systems
  • Handouts, Games, Worksheets designed by OTs
  • Training
  • Software
  • Network of other awesome OTs
  • Report templates

This opportunity is ideal for an OT who ready for a change and growth, who is keen to learn from other OTs, and who is wants to contribute to the growth of Occupational Therapy across Ontario. 

Within the network we value quality services for clients above all. We also embody a growth mindset, candour, efficiency, and fostering a collaborative community in and outside of the practice.  Join us at Collaborative Approach Therapy Network, help us build awareness of OT, demand for OT and love of OT together! 

We offer 2 options.  OTs can join us as Independent Contractors or as CATS Partners.  See our FAQ’s below or reach out to us at or .

Network FAQ

What does it mean to be an IC with CATS?

CATS Independent Contractors are OTs who offer in-home OT services in their communities, with the support of the Network.  

Who is this ideal model ideal for?
  • Therapists looking for freedom to do more direct therapy
  • Therapists eager to learn and improve the craft of helping as an OT
  • Therapists providing services to communities without CATS clinics.
  • Those interested in being a CATS Partner, but want to work with the organization first as an IC to get to know us.


Is there a fee?
  • No, this is similar to an employment model except that you would need to supply your own materials, and manage your own schedule.
  • Money spent on materials, home office or travel would be tax -deductible

What support would I get from CATS?
  • Clinical knowledge and resources (access to our library of >200 CATS Clinical Tools and >100 OT videos)
  • Up to 3 hours a week of clinical mentoring – so you can grow your practice to new areas
  • CATS provides the marketing to build your practice (print, social, web)
  • CATS provides the client intake and the billing
  • Many other benefits (annual retreat day, quarterly inservices, FB group)
What does it mean to be a CATS Partner?

CATS Partners are clinic-owners who own their own clinics, in their own cities, but receive support from the Network.

Who is this ideal model ideal for?
  • Entrepreneurial-minded OTs who would like to own and run their own clinic
  • Those who recognize how much work it is to run a business and are interested in shared efficiencies


Is there a fee?
  • There is a small buy-in fee and a small monthly percentage.
  • All clinics (large or small) submit the same percentage as their monthly contribution to the Network pot.
  • A percentage-basis makes it fair for smaller and larger clinics and allows for growth.
  • There is significant cost savings on website hosting, marketing, software, legal fees and your admin time compared to owning your own clinic
What support would I get from CATS?
  • Start up support & roll out system
  • Business coaching – other women who own the same business as you, quarterly Partners Retreats and individual coaching sessions
  • Retained flexibility in many areas to do it your way, with the support of a group
  • Advertising & Software expenses paid by the network
  • Ability to hire and train newer OTs to deliver quality paeds services:
    • Clinical know how – access to our library of >200 CATS Clinical Tools and >100 OT videos, for you and your staff
    • Clinical mentoring for you, drop-in clinical mentoring for your staff
    • Ask us about our track record of supporting Partners to hire and training new OTs
  • Annual retreat day for you and your staff, quarterly inservices, FB group and resrouce library
  • Shared business resources – employee management, advertising, social media done-for-you, policies & procedures that are often required by law or by government contracts (eg. privacy, anti-harassment, health and safety, infection control, budgeting system, book-keeping system, hiring system, performance review system, WHMIS)

Stop Dreaming, start collaborating!