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For Occupational Therapists, tutors and parents. This handwriting course will teach you exactly what to do in a 1:1 setting with a child who needs to work on their printing (handwriting) skills.  The course includes  everything I have learned in 27 years in Occupational Therapy practice.  It includes 3.5 hours of teaching as well as downloads, handouts, resources, and video of live sessions with kiddos!

The most valuable thing I learned through this course was the Push Up Game. I found it to be a creative way to practice the skill of printing in a fun manner to motivate kids. I think the aspect of this game can be modified in many ways to meet the child at their current skills level while also providing them a challenge to improve to. I have been able to use this game in practice with a child practicing printing and they love the aspect of competition and getting their letter formations correct. With continuous practice the kid is having their letter formations become more automatic and laughing throughout the game.

Sydney Hampton

Occupational Therapist

Sue’s printing course is FANTASTIC! She walks you through the entire process from helping kids with their letter formations to writing sentences within a busy classroom setting. I would definitely recommend this course if you are looking for both effective and engaging strategies that you can implement immediately into your practice!

Julie Tribou

Occupational Therapy Re-entry candidate

Yes I would recommend this course to others! As a Student OT, I found this course extremely valuable in explaining both the theoretical basis and clinical practice of printing. The tips and examples provided throughout the course also supports my learning in how to individualize printing assessments and interventions to each client. I also appreciate the use of auditory, visual, and written material in the course.

Cindy Li

Occupational Therapy Student

The format of the course flows well from topic to topic, and Sue explains the content clearly and succinctly while providing relevant examples. She provides several variations for different programs that can be adapted to varying needs and used as necessary. Thanks very much Sue!

Heather Rogers

Occupational Therapy Student

For the course outline, free lesson previews, and more, go to our Thinkific site:

Kids Print – Teaching and Correcting Kids’ Handwriting Online Course

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