Parent Coaching

Who requires Parent Coaching?

Parents are a vital part of therapy and are essential to the transfer of skills beyond the clinic walls. At CATS we work together to empower parents with strategies, tools and language to support their child’s needs. In addition to this, parents leave CATS confident to advocate for their children in other settings such as school, teams or extended family gatherings. 

What may treatment include?  

We believe that knowledge is power! Not only do we want to give you strategies, we want you to understand the WHY behind your child’s challenges. We will help you to understand your child’s nervous system, sensory system, and common stressors to the role these play on their resulting “behaviours”.  

Parents have their choice of being included in sessions, and it is mostly encouraged by the therapist.  We are, for most children, however, fully capable of taking care of your child if you prefer to leave the building.   Sometimes a private parent consult is very helpful.   Parent participation at CATS is an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and receive recommendations without fear of judgement. 

Why OT? 

As parents ourselves we understand the stress and feeling of being overwhelmed when we don’t feel equipped to manage our child’s needs. As OTs our training focuses us not only holistically at the child, but also at their physical and social environments. We are knowledgeable in areas of attachment, co-regulation and the need for parent self-care. We recognize parents as co-clinicians, co-clients and facilitators in treatment. 

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