Self Regulation

Who requires Self Regulation Support?

Is your child is having “melt-down” moments? Perhaps they have difficulty dealing with anger? Demonstrates explosive behaviour? Or your child generally has difficulty when things don’t go their way. 

Self-regulation is a person’s ability to adjust and control their reactions, energy level, emotions, behaviours and attention. It is the ability to “keep an even keel”. When a child struggles with self-regulation they often demonstrate behaviours that are viewed by others as “poor behaviour“. Self regulation is strongly influenced by our sensory processing as well as other things, including cognitive and language function.

What may treatment include? 

At CATS we work together and include parents to provide strategies, tools, language and experiences to support the child’s appropriate self regulated responses. Treatment varies with the age and strengths of the child. OT self regulation work focuses on increasing the child’s understanding of what happens to their body and actions when dysregulated, as well as how others around them respond to this. Together we explore strategies to help calm, regulate and allow the child to listen and learn. Treatment often involves practicing the use of these strategies in session, which offers a safe and supported environment while facing challenges.

Parents are encouraged to be involved and will be taught to understand their children’s needs, recognize the stressors and be empowered with strategies to support their child in a variety of situations.

Within the CATS team we have experience and training with;


Why OT? 

As OTs with experience with self-regulation we find a balance of cognitive (top-down) approaches and sensory (bottom-up) approaches to support the child within stressful situations. Like anything, it takes time for the child to transfer learning from clinic to “real life”, and requires the support of parents and family, but we have heard time and time again from parents and teachers how amazed they are to watch children make progress and get through life more easily and confidently.

Start working with a CATS OT today to support your child’s tomorrow